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Revel - Mithras

Cider - 6.1% - 12oz
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Mithras is a cider made with an extravagant amount of Niagara nectarines.

Foraged sassafras branches add a soft sweetness. It's a background note which lifts the fruit.

It drinks like a picnic in a wildflower meadow, the glow of soft sunlight overhead. It's quintessential summer: a warm day with no agenda.

What's it like? Mithras has loads of nectarine aroma up front, with bright and lively stone fruit acidity. Dry and tart, sassafras' subtle sweetness lifts the nectarines just enough to push it into *fabulous* territory.

6.7% ABV | 355mL

Ingredients: Apples, nectarines, sassafras.

Zero grams of sugar. Naturally fermented.

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